Imre Szeman


Imre Szeman and Sheena Wilson, co-directors

Petrocultures is a new research cluster at the University of Alberta whose aim is to support, produce, and distribute research related to the socio-cultural aspects of oil and energy in Canada and the world today. University of Alberta researchers are situated in a prime location to observe, assess and analyze the multiple and complex impacts of the development and management of the oil industry and of energy more generally. The research activities and structures created by the Petrocultures Research Cluster will enhance and expand this research, and position the U of A at the forefront of a growing field of academic study.

Jamie Hanlon, Petrocultures taps new deposit of energy knowledge

Carmen Rojas, At the forefront of a new field of study

Petrocultures Listserv

Please feel free to join the Petrocultures Listserv for info on research and events related to oil, energy and culture.